Google Play Store Download for iOS

Google Play Store Download for iOS

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Google Play Store for iOS: Android apps developed are huge in number. Not all the platforms, unlike Android OS, will get support for all the apps. It is likely to be considered for the iOS platform as Android OS has an easy user interface and fewer security concerns when compared with the former. Not all the applications developed for the Android is available for iOS. Android apps are stored in the Google Play Store, and however, an iOS user can get all the Android apps on the iOS device via Google Play for iOS. Google Play can be installed and used on iOS with an emulator installed. In precise, the article is all about Google Play Store for iOS and one can download Google Play Store for iOS directly from here. Google Play provides apps from various categories, and all of them can be used on the iOS device.

Google Play Store for iOS

Google Play Store for iOS

Play Store apps let you work on the different classifications of applications. As Android platform supports third-party apps, now iOS devices would also get the support to access them. Get into to know more in detail about Google Play Store Download for iOS and the methods available to install Play Store on iOS devices.

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Google Play Store iOS

Google Play is an official store with Android apps. It was developed by Google and was previously known as Android Market. Google Play Store has applications classified under free and paid versions. As of February 2017, Google Play features more than 2.7 million Android applications and of which all of them can be installed and used on an iOS platform now. iOS version of Google Play Store is highly used as the cost of apps under the paid category in Android costs less when compared with the paid version of the same app in iOS. Other reason includes that one may find many third-party apps in Play Store and however the Apple Store doesn’t permit it due to its highest security concern. With Google Play Store Download for iOS, you could experience same features as of the Android now on your iOS devices.

Google Play Store Download for iOS

Google Play Store Download for iOS

Specifications of Google Play Store iOS

Watch the space below for Google Play Store iOS Specifications

Developer: Google
Release Date: October 22, 2008
Category: Video Downloading
Supported Operating Systems: iOS
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

Google Play Store Download for iOS Via An Emulator

Applications for Android includes many free apps, paid apps and third-party apps too. All of them are classified under Games, Music, Books, Movies & TV Shows, and NewsFeed & Magazines. Moreover, many games and apps available for Android OS are not available on iOS platform. But now you will get all Android apps directly onto your iOS device without any hassle. A pre-requisite to use Android apps on iOS requires emulator installed on iPhone or iPad. Read further to get information about how to use Android apps on the iOS device without jailbreaking.

Download Android Emulator for iOS Without JailBreaking

As there is a platform incompatibility between Android and iOS, there is a need for an emulator to run one platform applications on another platform. Google Play Store can be installed on iOS by Cydia, an emulator that works to install the Android apps on your iOS. Install Cydia on your iDevice as it works without JailBreaking. The app is called iAndroid and is not directly available on the Cydia store. However, you need to add the source of iAndroid to Cydia to let yourself enjoy the Play Store. Follow the steps below.

  • Open Cydia on the iOS device and then click on Manage option that is available at the bottom of the screen.
  • You will get three option that includes Packages, Sources, and Storage. Click on Sources option.
  • Now you will get all sources that were already available on Cydia in the alphabetical order. Search for the source from the Url If this source is not added, then add it to download Android emulator for iOS.
  • Provide Source Name as and App Name as iAndroid.
  • After successfully adding this source, click on that source and you will get a series of apps now from the above source. Search for the iAndroid app and then click on it.
  • Tap on the Install option available in the top right corner of the screen and wait for its installation to get completed.
  • Once after the installation is completed, get back to the menu of your iDevice. You will now find iAndroid on your iPhone menu.
  • Tap on the app’s logo to launch it. A new windows iOS download will be opened with full features of Android. Now you can use all those features without any restriction as like an Android user directly from your iOS device.

Advantages of using iAndroid Emulator

  • iAndroid emulator becomes an integral part of your iOS device, and hence your original iOS files will not be affected.
  • The emulator provides all the features of the Android versions on iOS too.
  • As iAndroid is installed via Cydia, there is no Jailbreaking involved.
  • Switching between Android and iOS device becomes a much easier task.
  • It even let you remove the app whenever you require as like normal iOS app.

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Download Android Emulator for iOS By JailBreaking

Access Google Play Store on your iOS without any restrictions by jailbreaking your phone. Choose an emulator that works on your iOS platform, and download Google Play iOS Store from the trusted source and install it. Now install Bootlace and Cydia, and launch Cydia from your iOS home screen. Select the Manage button, and tap on Edit and then check Add option. Type Cydia’s web address and install it followed by Bootlace installation. Next, run Bootlace and reboot your iOS device. Open iBoot and install it from Bootlace. Once after iBoot installation, install iDroid by checking the iDroid button next to Open iBoot. iDroid is an Android operating system customised for iOS. After iDroid’s installation, reboot your iOS using Android OS. It will allow you to access all the apps available in Google Play Store.

Google Play Store for iOS – Screenshots

Google Play Store Download for iOS

Google Play Store Download for iOS

Hope the information provided is useful to you. For any queries about Google Play Store Download for iOS, please comment us below.

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