Google Play Services Apk for Android Free Download

Google Play Services Apk for Android Free Download

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Google Play Services Apk for Android Free Download

Latest Google Play Services Apk download for Android: If you are an Android user, then you might have come across an app called Google Play Services Apk on your Android phone. However, it isn’t an app rather it acts as a service and updates the Google apps and all other apps from the Google Play Store. You are very much aware that all the Android apps are stored in the Play Store. If an app gets updated from the developer then how do you know that? Google Play Services Apk does that in the background. Google Play Services Apk for Android comes pre-installed on your device, and it will ensure that the rest of your apps are up-to-date. It regularly checks for all installed apps has the latest versions available. Download Google Play Services Apk for Android if you don’t own it. If you are handling an outdated version of Android, then get Google Play Services update from your Play Store.

Google Play Services Apk for Android

Google Play Services App for Google Play Services Apk for Android

So on every Android phone, you would find Google Play Services, but the funny thing is that no one knows how much it is important until something goes wrong. Of course, it might look that Google Play Services Apk for Android does anything obvious, and at times people wonder why it’s taking up space on their device. But the fact remains, it’s there, and it must serve a purpose. To know what it is, get down to the article.

What is Google Play Services Apk for Android All About?

Google Play Services is referred to as a proprietary background service and API package for the Android devices. It was first introduced in the year  2012 and has provided simple access to the Google+ APIs and OAuth 2.0. Later it has expanded to cover a large variety of Google’s services and thus allowing the applications to communicate with the services through the general means quickly. It is internally referred to as GMS and has been installed for more than one billion times on the Android devices as of January 2014.

The Google Play Services Apk download is a one another application from Google’s factory. It is not an application as most people think. Google distributes it, and it also sends various statistics and data to the Google servers. Google Play Services works in the background, and it will update Google app from the Google Play Store. The core functionality of this service is to provide authentication to your Google services, apps, access the latest user privacy settings, sync contacts, higher quality location-based services that use less energy, etc.

Also, Google Play Services examines for regular updates, grants permission to access the sensitive log data, Google applications data and so on. The approval or the permission required by the Google Play Services is found to be noble. Google Play Services is an application based service that is connected to the Android system itself. As mentioned, it runs behind, thus improving your app experience that includes faster searches, better maps integration, and improved Wallet support. If you are about to disable the service, then you might not be able to update your apps.

What Does Google Play Services Apk for Android Do?

Google Play Services Apk for Android is very much essential for any Android users to upgrade the pre-installed apps of Google to the latest versions, even without needing to update your device’s Android operating system to the latest version. For example, before the existence of Google Play Services, an app say Google+ would require the Android OS to be updated before receiving its update. i.e., in other words, to update any app you must first upgrade your Android OS. Thus Google Play Services has made the work simple as the apps are now automatically updated rather than waiting for the carriers and smartphone manufacturers to push out an Android OS updates.

Google Play Services Apk for Android

Google Play Services Apk for Android

Google Play Services thus allows your Android smartphone to benefit from the latest versions of apps without upgrading to the version of Android. It doesn’t include all apps, and however, it mostly means all the Google’s homebrewed apps like Gmail, Google+, Google Play, etc. Any Android version starting from Android 2.2 and newer can benefit from new updates and features, independent of the OS upgrade. Google Play Services is comprised of Google Play Game Services, Google Maps API, Location API, Google+, Google Cast Android API, Google Drive Android API, Google Mobile Ads, and Google Wallet.

Download Google Play Services Apk for Android

Click the link below and download Google Play Services Apk for Android.

Google Play Services Apk – Features

  • Google Play Services provides new functionality to the existing apps.
  • Get quick authentication to several Google Services and Apps.
  • With Google Play Services Apk, your Android device is provided with better security.
  • Avail the updated in-app services and easy payment methods.
  • Get improved searches, maps location services, and overall experience of the apps.

The Two Main Features Of Get Google Play Services Apk

There are two main security features in Google Play Services, namely Verify Apps and SafetyNet. Verify Apps is a cloud-based service, and it scans for the malicious code in the app before users install them. i.e., it will verify if the app is acquired either from the Google Play Store or by sideloading, and flags any potentially malicious app. Disable or completely remove an app without the confirmation from the user with Verify Apps feature.

The SafetyNet features evaluate the device to find out if there is any security model consistent with the Google’s Android security requirements. To prevent these attacks, it then compiles the data about possible malware threats and attacks and then updates the application blacklists and settings on the device.

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Steps To Install Google Play Services Apk for Android

Apart from a fresh installation, one could update Google Play Services on any Android version that includes Marshmallow, Lollipop, and KitKat. Make sure you have updated the latest Play Services on your Android devices as Google Play Services is regularly updated. As it is a pre-installed service, updating it is very easy. Open the Google Play Store and update Google Play Services by just navigating to its product page.

At times, Google Play Services will be found missing from the device you use like tablet, phone or android emulator. In such cases, download the latest version of Google Play Services Apk for Android. Follow the steps given below to update Google Play Services manually.

Step 1: Download the last latest version of Google Play Services Apk download file from the official website.

Step 2: Wait for the download to complete. Now copy the Google Play Services Apk for Android to your device internal/external storage of your Android smartphone.

Step 3: Go to Settings -> Security -> Checkin the Unknown Sources to allow the installation of third-party applications.

Step 4: Find and move to the location where you have copied the Apk file. Once found, tap on it to install.

Step 5: Once after the installation is completed successfully, open the menu by tapping on App drawer and there you could see the Google Settings app.

That’s it, and you have done with the installation of Google Play Services App successfully.

Google Play Store is available for

Google Play Services Apk for Android – Screenshots

Google Play Services Apk for Android

Google Play Services Apk for Android

Google Play Services Apk for Android

Google Play Services Apk for Android

Hope the information listed in the article is useful to you. For any queries about Google Play Services Apk for Android, please comment us below. Thank you.

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